Addressing the Mental Health and Spiritual Needs of our Learners





Is there anything we can do to help kids with depression and anxiety? Recent research has shown that an active spiritual life may serve a protective function, especially in the areas of depression, early sexuality and risk taking behaviors. In this Network we will focus on mental health issues, with attention given to creating and supporting a spiritual life in our kids. What do they need to access their own spiritual lives, what difference could this make and what is our role?

We will explore these challenges and questions together, build a library of resources and tools, and support each other as we learn to effectively and proactively address the mental health and spiritual needs of our learners.

Participants will have the opportunity to partner with the facilitator in shaping the content of the sessions and to plan and co-facilitate a session if interested.

2018-2019 Session Dates:

October 24 at 1pm EST

November 16 at 1pm EST

December 6 at 2pm EST

January 11 at 2pm EST

February 11 at 2pm EST

March 14 at 1pm EST

April 4 at 2pm EST

May 9 at 1pm EST


Dr. Betsy Stone received her Doctorate in Psychology from Yale University. She is a psychologist and for the last fifteen years has served as an adjunct lecturer at Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion. Her classes include Human Development for Educators, Adolescent Development and Teens In and Out of Crisis. She also teaches a family education class in her synagogue, Temple Sinai of Stamford, for 6th and 7th graders and their parents. She is a Grinspoon-Steinhart winner and has recently been speaking on teen suicide issues, including 3 national webinars on 13 reasons why, and a national webinar for ARJE on working with adolescents and emerging adults. Betsy’s book, “Happily Ever After,” was published by Random House.