Online Learning

We offer a rich variety of learning opportunities in which you can participate from the comfort of your very own office or home. Whether your schedule allows for a one-hour webinar or a four-part learning series, we have something for everyone.



Learning Networks offer participants the chance to connect and learn with other members of the network linked by common areas of interest or purpose. Guided by a facilitator with expertise in the content area, these networks convene monthly to learn, practice, share successes, collaborate on new approaches to old challenges, and offer support and resources.


Learning Labs offer participants the chance to engage deeply into a particular topic of interest, learn with and from other members of the network, and practice new skills in a supportive setting. Led by an expert in the topic area, these workshops convene 3-4 times and will help you gain and enhance knowledge and skills and connect with a supportive network of colleagues.

Past labs have included “Becoming a Resonant Leader” and “Bringing Mindfulness to our Lives, Work, and Learners.”


Our Inspired Conversations feature innovators in the field who share the stories behind their work and impact, exposing educators to new ideas and providing inspiration for their work.


Inspired Conversations : Archive

View our entires series of Inspired Conversations below

Transforming Education: <br /> How One Religious School Transformed Its Culture
Creating systematic change takes time, strategic thinking and partnership!  Learn how changing a culture culture, curriculum and brand has reinvigorated their program to better reflect their vision and mission.
Don't Tell Me to Relax: <br /> One Teen's Struggles, Successes, and Advice
Join teen Sophie Riegel, mental health advocate and author, as she shares her own experience and struggle with mental health and what we as educators can do, and shouldn't do, to support our teens and communities.
Change by Design: <br /> Creating Healthy and Transformative Change
In this webinar, Rabbi Goldsmith introduces us to 4 key concepts (boosters) – Data, Reflection, Social Connectors and Communication – that when activated together increase the likelihood of impactful and sustainable change.
Effective Strategies to Bless Our Workforce<br />
Deepen your knowledge of "learning by doing" by exploring the impact of "learning by retreating." Immersive learning experiences are some of the most powerful models of experiential education and in this inspired conversation, you will have the chance to learn from two talented educators and EJE Network members who create these experiences for a living.
Creating Intentional and Collaborative Space: <br />Lessons from a Jewish Coworking Community
Join us to learn how an intentional and mission-driven space can foster collaboration and innovation. Hear from Director Irene Lehrer Sandalow about the creation and mission of Sketchpad, Chicago's Jewish Innovation Space. Whether you're interested in creating your own coworking community or how to create a collaborative and innovative culture in your current workplace, you will leave this conversation inspired with new insights and ideas.

Learning by Retreating: <br />The Power of Impactful Immersive Experiences
Deepen your knowledge of "learning by doing" by exploring the impact of "learning by retreating." Immersive learning experiences are some of the most powerful models of experiential education and in this inspired conversation, you will have the chance to learn from two talented educators and EJE Network members who create these experiences for a living.
Passion Project: How 3 Camps Mastered the Art of Niche Engagement
Kids are specializing more now than ever before. This generation wants to hone and strengthen specific skills and if we want to pique their interest, then we need to understand their interests. Join our exciting virtual panel of Directors who are leading the way in specialty niche engagement. Learn how Eden Village Camp, Havaya Arts and 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy are meeting kids where they are and sparking their passions, all while offering a transformative Jewish experience, and what take-aways you can apply to your own work.
The Story Behind OneTable: Designing for Engagement
In this conversation we hear from OneTable Founding Executive Director Aliza Kline. OneTable is an online and in-person hub for millennials to end their week with intention and create unique Shabbat dinners. In its first three years OneTable has inspired and supported more than 4,000 dinners across the country, engaging more than 30,000 young adults, creating 60,000 seats at the table. Here Aliza shares how the OneTable team went from goals to impact and the role that the experiential education plays in their success.
The Story Behind JustLove: A New Approach to Community, Social Justice and Interfaith Engagement
In this conversation we talk with Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp, founder of JustLOVE, as she discusses the creation and impact of their multi-faith movement and why it’s working. Hear the story about a group of clergy from different backgrounds who brought their communities together to pursue positive dialogue, break social silos and work for systemic justice in their city.
Teaching Character: How One School Teaches and Measures Character Development
Are you interested in bringing character strengths into your teaching? Have you wondered how to measure a learner’s character development? How does one teach for character anyway? Hear from a school that is doing just that! In this conversation, we learn from Head of School Steve Freedman and Dean of Student Learning Dr. Jennifer Friedman of Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit. Join us to learn how the school not only teaches character to their students but has also created a culture of character in their community.
Community Design: How Design Thinking Can Help Build and Engage Community
In this conversation we learn from Tamara Rebick, founder of CORIPHERY Holistic Consulting Solutions and EJE Network member, as she shares her own experience using Design Thinking to reimagine community and engage leadership, and helps us dive deeper into how to apply it to areas of problem solving, decision-making and strategies for driving change. Find out how you can effectively use principles of Design Thinking to redefine your goals and transform your impact.
Bug Juice With  a Twist : Trybal's New Approach to Young Adult Engagement
In this conversation, learn from Carine Warsawski, founder of Trybal Gatherings, as she shares her exciting and innovative approach to young adult engagement. Carine shares was inspired her to start Trybal, its impact so far, her takeaways from her successes and failures, and the top 5 things she's learned about engaging young adults. Get ready to see camp in a whole new light!